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Mr. Emmanuel Henri is a 1998 Hollywood film Institute graduate and possesses a directing diploma and a producer certificate. He founded his company Demeo Films Inc. in 1997 and since then, he took it upon himself to make sure he was ready with a great project before contacting anyone in Hollywood. He worked on many productions throughout the last five years to hone his skills and gain more experience.

He wrote many short stories in his childhood, such as a sequel to the "Neverending story" even before the second movie came out. His determination to make films started back when he was 10 years old. The inspiration came from such successful directors as Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron and Orson Welles (just to name a few). Subsequently, he oriented all his energies to acquire the essential knowledge to become a filmmaker.

Emmanuel, as a young teenager in High School, has directed theater for many years and then took many courses in acting, editing, business, directing & writing. He has directed the piece "The Neighbor" and played the Neil character, the crazy neighbor. This play was about the journey inside the mind of the title character, an escapee from an asylum. The character attempts to become your typical friendly type of guy, but his next-door folks trigger several past memories and his chaotic anger returns. The play was staged into the every day suburbia, barbecues & parties held by the friendly neighbors.

Emmanuel has developed an acute eye for details and his passion is endless. He always makes every effort to discover a better way of shooting a scene, up until it's "in the can". He has acquired many business skills working for his dad as an accounting assistant and later worked for a leasing company as a credit manager. The accounting and leasing adventures brought him an edge as a producer. They helped him refine his business skills and acquire fresh knowledge such as comprehending terms like "collateral" and "equity".

Emmanuel is a quick learner and his mind is like a sponge. He likes to learn about new issues and chatter on many subjects as varied as politics, health, sports and countless others. That is why it's easier for him to credibly bring new elements into his stories (and add subtext to the plotline).

Emmanuel was born a protagonist; he'll never wait after the others for getting the job done. Even if his career skyrockets to the top, he'll make sure his next move won't drag him down (at least he'll do the best he can for preventing any bad career moves). He would love to be able to act in other productions in between projects. It would be imperative to mention that Emmanuel has done martial arts and gymnastics for many years and would be a perfect candidate to play the title role of Spiderman (reportedly Sam Raimi will direct the film).

His ultimate goal is to work in each field as regularly as possible, yet, he will dedicate much more emphasis on his acting and directing career. He would separate his time between directing/writing/acting/producing his own projects, playing in other productions and producing films that he would like to see on the big screen.

He already decided that each film that he will at least write and direct, will have the mention "A film signed Emmanuel Henri" instead of the "A film by Emmanuel Henri".

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